Tribe of Rainbow Colors

In search of a name

When the fellowship of Mepi (see here) arrived on the North American continent via Alaska, they met more and more different communities and tribes. They provided healing to whom was in need and sometimes stayed many moons with them. The fellowship grew over the years into a large tribe of over 200 and received many requests on what their name was. They prefer not to choose one, for labeling would mean to restrict its meaning and significance. So the neighboring tribes at that time decided to call them Tribe of Rainbow Colors because of the many different people having all those different skin colors. Over time, other names were used to speak about them as well. One of the most used ones was “the rainbow people“, a name that still lives on in sacred (and some still secret) stories by the elder.


The part of the tribe that traveled southwards grew big under the leadership of young Mepi. Because of the many locals that joined the tribe during the long journey, a new language was born, using parts of the local languages of the many local villages on the continent and the Native American tribes they passed by. Some of the words that were invented back then are still in use today.

Split of the tribe

After the last battle, after the passing on of Mepi and Ilan and its celebration, the tribe fell apart in many small groups of about 5-7 each. These departed to all corners of the world. Mepi and Ilan’s child (Mepi was over 8 moons pregnant when she passed on) was taken into care by Moapa. Moapa left eastbound with a somewhat larger group of 30, specifically chosen for this journey. They traveled far, and eventually passed through what now is called Moapa Valley. Some of the group settled there, for the valley offered all nature’s wealth for a tribe to survive. Moapa separated from her group after some time and carried on westwards.

Time has come

Many of the members of the Tribe of Universal Colors have now (21st century AD) incarnated again. Many of them have started to find out step by step about their former lives and heritage. Some are in contact with each other again, sharing the messages of love and of Great Spirit. They know they’re here just “to be” and to be ready to help when asked for. Be assured, they’re eager to help. They’re looking to recreate the bonds and spread love and wisdom. When in need, they can and will be found.

Mepi and Ilan have been reunited again. Great Spirit once again sealed their eternal bond in a small & beautiful sacred ceremony near Hell’s Gate at Death Valley in January 2016. The ceremony took place at the memorial stone for The Last Battle, the same spot where Mepi died and gave birth at the same time about 400 years ago.

Mepi and Ilan have accepted their heritage. They’ve started a series of journeys around the world, visiting ancient sacred places, anchoring love on the planet, balancing male and female energy and opening portals for many uses. There is a lot of work to do, lots of places, power spots, portals & crystals to be activated. A new world is being born. Right now. Energy on planet earth has shifted. For good. Forever.

The New Generation

The youngest generation of Native Americans that has come to this planet has set a new paradigm. They realize that with their core values, their indigenous talents & culture and their open hearts they can and will make a difference for all on this earth. They are changing the world from within, using their inner powers.

They have decided to leave fear & hatred behind them and adopt a new lifestyle. Away from being a victim, away from “blaming the occupiers”. True to their hearts, true to  Great Spirit and the universal power of Love.

Grandmother Mepi and Ilan encourage all indigenous people around the world, all Native Americans to adopt this new paradigm and support their children in building this new world, based on love and unity, away from division, old hatred and fear.

May you feel the love of Great Spirit in your Heart. Always.

Te Takanawa