About grandmother Mepi, aka Maria, aka Kirianne, …

Maria, the name Grandmother Mepi received at birth in this lifetime, was born in Holland on February, 14th. The story of her upbringing is filled with challenges, both for her and her surroundings. The many extraordinary powers she was gifted with at birth at some times were both a blessing and a curse during childhood.

Having become an adult, Maria more and more used her powers to reflect others on their choices and help them view, recognize and accept their inner powers. What was “a fact of life” for her (her many gifts), did not seem to be so for the people that surrounded her. Gradually, this difference became more and more obvious to her and she realized that she wasn’t the “no-good” she was told she was as a child by the ones who raised her.

Accepting your true powers as a human being is always a bit of a challenge and this was no less for Maria.

Feedback and Recognition

Maria is channeling since birth. Seeing other person’s energy field (any living thing, actually) wa “default”. She has no recollection of this being otherwise. She is constantly “in contact” with “The Universe” through many different channels, entities, dimensions and energies. Countless conversations with spirits and energies are part of her daily (and night-time) life. Many have called her by different names (see just a few in the title above), that refer to one or more of her past incarnations here on Earth. Started late 2014, energies that felt like the Native American culture came by and fed her with information about her life in the 1600’s…

On one appearance earlier on, this was October 2012, during a channel in Belgium (Europe), White Bull introduced himself and spoke to her of her earlier works (1600’s) and her “status”. He re-instated her title “Grandmother Mepi”. At that time, it didn’t make much sense to Maria and she let it go. It took Maria another three years in this life to realize what this meant, to reconnect to it and to accept her heritage and the “title” “grandmother” once again. This happened after a few more channels by Tangaroa, Viracocha, Takanaka, Black Thunder, Grey Eagle, Elrah and Star.


She currently lives in Lier, Belgium and is married (again) to Ilan. She speaks Dutch, English and German. She channels, reads, mirrors, drawstweets and many more. Grandmother Mepi has her own YouTube channel as well. This website is meant to provide you with more information about Grandmother Mepi and her works.

You can leave a message through this mail address, you can also find more information about her on LinkedIn and Facebook.


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