Great Spirit Counseling

A private session with Grandmother Mepi

Welcome, sweet soul,
welcome, dearest human being,

life on earth can be challenging sometimes. And wanting to know why and what can be done about that are truly valid questions. The answers might be challenging, for both include the word “you”.

When we speak about your challenges in one of my counseling sessions, you’re provided with feedback from your Soul, from Great Spirit and from the ancestors you brought with you during that session.

The answers are from a Soul perspective. Your guides seek you to be happy in this life. They’re accompanying you in this life to help you do just that, regardless of the circumstances, regardless of the decisions you’ve taken. Their love for you is unconditional. 

So if you’re ready to hear what your Soul’s perspective is on your life, what your guiding spirits have to say about that and what suggestions for improvement they have for you, be ready for some awe. Lots of it. And yes, it may require some courage to hear what they have to say, or to take their advice to your heart and act upon it.

Know that the rewards for following up on your Soul’s suggestions include happiness, health, joy, peace and abundance. 

Interested in a private session with me? Send me a message or call +32478881087. Please be aware that I currently live in timezone CET (Brussels time, which is GMT+2), for scheduling an appointment please call during CET office hours.

I prefer sessions to be in person here in my practice room. Sessions can however be over the internet using Zoom as well. A session usually lasts up to an hour, fee is €250. You are allowed to record the audio of the session for your personal private use.