Reconnecting Humanity

Recent information from The Universe confirmed that the growing consciousness on Earth reinforces the connections and bonds between all humans from all corners of the planet. Many of these connections were created eons ago, some more recent, most were forgotten or ignored. They all however “survived” these many lifetimes. The four main tribes on the planet today (Black, Red, White, Yellow) have found ways to communicate with each other through speech, it is now time communication is done through the heart. Sleeping time is over, it’s time for the Rainbow Warriors to take up their role.

An important role for the indigenous

Many Native Americans that lived hundreds of years ago (1500’s – 1800’s) who played an important role then as medicine man, wise woman, guide or chief, have reincarnated many times since and have chosen to be in human bodies on the planet again now. Many of them came back again as Native American, but not all of them. Some of these souls have chosen to be born again in other parts of the planet, in other tribes, different circumstances. They have chosen to make their accumulated knowledge and wisdom available again to the indigenous and to the open-hearted. They want to be available and prepared to help when asked for. At the same time, they know very well that it is not upon them to provide help when not asked for. When in need, they will be requested for and will be found.

In line with Great Spirit and driven by the universal power of love, they know an important task is upon them in this lifetime: The task to be available. Available when requested for by the current indigenous generation, by the ones that carry the physical DNA, the ones that bear the cultural stigmas.

For the current generation of indigenous has to decide. An important decision is upon them now: To choose for love or to fight. Fight against “the invaders” or be the love that we are created from. We hope you all will choose for love. For this is ONLY cure.

When asked for help & guidance, Mepi and her team will assist. They can help you to reunite humanity, reaffirm the universal bonds, raise the level of consciousness, recreate openness and transparency on the planet, bring ninoododadiwin. They are eager to help when asked for. They’d love to help you restoring the connections of love from heart to heart between all, regardless of gender, race, nationality, religion, tribe, preferences, etc.

A journey of Self First

For the indigenous to be able to embark on this beautiful planet-wide journey, a personal journey of “self development and awareness” is at hand first. What do YOU choose to live like, as an individual? What is YOUR path of choice? Love or fear? Love or hate? Love or the past? Love or separation? Your choices determines your Now. Your Now is your future. You shape the future of your generations by who you choose to be in the Now.

Once well under way on your journey, the steps on the “larger journey” become clear and more information will be disclosed by your guides. As Great Spirit learns us through the immortal stories and legends: once the pupil is ready, the appropriate teachers will appear.

The Native American connection

Before Mepi became Grandmother in the tribe of universal spirits in the 1600’s, she traveled over 8000 miles (~13000 km) with what from the start was a small group of people. She was born in a small village in what now is called Ukraine (Europe). The villagers recognized early on that this little girl (age 6) had a “larger purpose” in life. They let her go to see the world and find her purpose. Accompanied by her brother Matumba and a team of other villagers, this group of about 10 traveled east for a few years and crossed the Bering Strait into Alaska. From there, the journey went further east and then south to end in the area which is now called Death Valley and Valley of Fire (California and Nevada, US). Most of today’s local elder still remember the stories that an important tribe came from Canada and spread all over the American territories.

By the time they reached Death Valley the group had grown substantially (200+). Lots of people from different villages and tribes along the journey joined them, attracted by the tribe’s way of living and the healing powers of Mepi and her team.

When they had arrived in a place near Death Valley, some of her tribe members found Blue Thunder (mortally injured by his brother). He is remembered now in the stories that tell the tale of “the wise Indian that couldn’t walk” and “the last battle“.

Mepi and her team healed him using her special gifts, thus keeping him alive. Blue Thunder was adopted by her tribe and recovered, although paralyzed from the hips down. Mepi gave Blue Thunder his new name (Ilanato Campita). In a sacred place in Death Valley, Mepi and Ilan both (re-)confirmed the universal and eternal bond between them. The bond was sealed by Great Spirit. The continuous healing of Ilanato by Mepi and her team made him stronger and (to great happiness of both) Mepi turned pregnant after some time. It was shared with us by Takanaka that Ilan would have been able to walk again if the healing could have been continued for another four months after his death.

The knowledge of Mepi’s gifts spread fast and wide in the area which caused many medicine men (such as Black Thunder, who raised Blue Thunder) and other chiefs of local tribes to visit her for healing and advice. Many members of tribes in the area joined her group. Many of her group took on to use the healing powers as well.

Mepi, accompanied by Moapa and Ilanato, eventually took part in the inter-tribe negotiations (The Circle of Wise in 1621 AD) on what to do about the zhaagnaash (the “white men”) that came in ever growing numbers into the lands. The three of them fiercely defended the idea that all tribes & nations should unite and speak with one voice to stand a chance against the “newcomers”. These negotiations failed. Some tribes (like the Apache) were in favor, others (like the Blackfoot) didn’t agree and wanted war. Each went their own way.

A year and a half after Mepi’s tribe found Ilan, Mepi was killed by Ilan’s brother in an act of violence out of jealousy. His brother (looking for revenge after he knew Ilan was not dead and after their sister joined Mepi’s tribe as well) thought the tribe was weak after they lost their leader. This led to “the last battle“. The story of this breathtaking event still continues with the elder. It is one of the most sacred and secret stories of them all.

What Grandmother Mepi and her tribe accomplished in that period and what she stood for was widely recognized and highly respected among many tribes. The stories about her and her partner (Ilanato Campita, in some stories remembered as “the wise indian who couldn’t walk“) still live on now in the inner stories with many of the indigenous elder. Some of their direct descendants (in the yet unbroken female blood line from Mepi) currently live in Nevada, USA. They carry her heritage and powers in their heart. We salute them from the heart and wish them still many many moons in good health.

Reconnecting Humanity

Grandmother Mepi has decided to return in this important time period for Earth, she is again here to assist, together with her beloved Ilanato. They both assist when requested to do so. Not earlier. For every human being has first their own decisions to take. Their own choices to make: love or fear.

The elders of some of the Native American families descendant from the original local tribes have already been informed: Grandmother Mepi has returned.

2 thoughts on “Reconnecting Humanity

  1. Hi !
    I have just came across this site and love and feel a connection in my heart when reading the information!
    I am a Shamanic Healer from Australia and would love to connect with you from my part of the world!
    Love and Blessings,
    Maggie Shannon


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