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Sweet human being, I speak to you from the Great Spirit realm to guide those who seek and ask for help in these earthly times of turmoil. Some years ago, many humans channeled the announcement of the age of “no more secrets”. This energy is now active in full force on the planet. It has caused many of you to learn about the true causes of the many new health issues appearing in humans over the last year.

Learning about these causes many to feel frustrated, angry and fearful. This adds to the already high degree of polarisation on many areas of the planet. Polarisation which was first started by many government and health officials, supported by most of the mainstream media.

Please don’t be angry with yourself about that. Yes you may feel frustrated or fearful or angry, but these are your reactions to the consequences of the decisions you’ve made earlier. Decisions in free will you’ve taken with your best interest in mind. You’ve now learnt new information, you’ve become wiser. Don’t let your anger, fear or frustration take away the personal growth you’ve just gone through.

Allow your feeling to be present. And, more important, share them. Share your feelings with persons you trust, persons that love you, persons that care for you. Or find a healer, a counsellor or a professional willing to listen to you with empathy. For letting out these feelings, speaking about them, is taking away the impact those may have on your whole human Self. Sharing is caring.

Feelings of anger, frustration, fear that you keep to yourself will act like a disease carving away your health and happiness from within. Don’t let them do that. Share. Share. Share. Love yourself by sharing.

With love from the heart

Grandmother Mepi

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