Messages from Great Spirit

And so it came to pass….

Many have enjoyed the messages I’ve been sharing in private sessions. Many have told me I should address a wider audience. Through this blog and through the workshops, a lot of channeled wisdom and universal truth came forth. So it became appropriate to bundle the best of these messages in a small booklet.

I am humbled and proud as well to announce the release of my first book “Messages from great Spirit” through Amazon worldwide. A separate book page has been added to this blog, for I predict more will follow.

I wish you many heart-warming hours reading and sharing it, feel the love that has been poured over and in it.

Te Takanawa.

Grandmother Mepi

One thought on “Messages from Great Spirit

  1. Please go to Amazon review my book The Travels of A Meadowlark written by me Meadowlark Hardin I not only wrote the book for others to see they are not alone in being different from others but I also wrote it to search for answers I am a rainbow child but there is more and I’d like to know why seem to be blessed with wisdom and knowledge of insight into the evolving of us humans some faster than others we are filled with love for all things created not just pick and chose but there is more I am looking for the one who will help us understand who we are and why we were chosen


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